Hi Ladies!

I’m feeling nothing but joy this morning! I reached 500 followers on instagram over the weekend. This may not seem like a big deal,  but I promise you it is. Its not easy building a genuine following on instagram. One that is engaged with you and rooting for you to succeed. I refuse to buy followers or purchase “likes.” I know that I have a long way to go. Blogging while brown isn’t for the faint at heart. Its a challenge to say the least. But I’m here to stay! And thanks to you i’m growing each and every day. I appreciate your support.  It means so much to me.

I’m currently loving everything blush these days lately. It such a soft pretty color and it looks good on just about anyone. I’m keeping it pretty casual today . I’ve got a lot of paperwork to catch up on so i’ll be glued to my desk for most of the day.

I’ve linked the tank, jeans and belt that ’m wearing below. The shoes old (Stella McCartney) the bag old as well (Express)

Have a wonderful week!


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